The Interconnect Wholesale Solution

Captura is a Telco Interconnect Wholesale System originally developed for Voice, it is available for SMS as well. During the last 15 years Captura was the choice for more than 150 Tier 1, 2 and 3 customers worldwide that rely on the solution for

  • Optimizing the Interconnect Cost Base
  • Managing the Interconnect Routing
  • Configuring the Switches
  • Creating Interconnect Offerings
  • Billing and Verification of Interconnect Services provided to and received from Interconnect Partners

The latest version is Captura NG released in May 2020.

Captura NG

NG stands for Next Generation and indeed Captura NG is a "Next Generation" state-of-the-art system which was developed during the last years. It transforms Captura to a new level as the underlying system infrastructure has been completely redesigned without compromising the system features and the usability.

Captura NG  runs 100% on Linux. Its interfaces are 100% web based and the use of Artifical Intelligence has been significantly increased to further automate, simplify  and speed up processes involved with the management of interconnect and/or wholesale business. 

Captura NG Voice

Captura NG Voice covers all processes of interconnect voice business. Being scalable and extremely flexible it allows teams from 1 to 150+ to manage interconnect voice telephony from smallest Retail Service Providers to largest Wholesale Telco Operators. 

The system controls Destination Code Management, Supplier Price List Import, Management of Interconnect Routing, Generation of Customer Price Lists, Bilateral Agreements, Reporting, Billing and Reconciliation, full origin based A-Number handling.
Captura NG Voice is highly automated requiring minimum interaction allowing teams to focus on the core of their business.

Captura NG SMS

Captura NG SMS is an extension and a clone of the voice version. It is very similar with a special focus on the SMS business requirements. As with the voice version of Captura NG, processes focus on commercial business management consequently easing technical aspects to a minimum. Thus the system is highly automated, supports easy handling and allows teams to stay ahead of the business requirements. 

System Requirements

Running interconnect voice requires Captura NG Voice and a Switch and running interconnect SMS requires Captura NG SMS and a SMSC.

Captura NG  systems run on Linux and use as database PostgreSQL. The user interfaces are 100% web based.  Size and scale of the  Linux servers depend on the traffic volume and commercial setup.  The systems can run in-house, hosted or cloud based.


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