Interconnect Anti-Fraud System

Interconnect Fraud Protection for Voice and SMS

Oculeus Interconnect Anti-Fraud System is a system that understands and fights all known types of Voice Telephony Fraud at Telco Operator level.

The Development of the System started in 2012 as one of our Captura customers asked whether we would be interested in developing something to detect voice telephony fraud. We said "Yes!" and started with the vision to develop a system which does not only detect, but also eliminates fraud in a highly automated and highly thorough manor.

AI and ML combined

As we enhanced the system it evolved and advanced to include the latest technological advances. Usability and features grew to an outstanding level and now more than 30 customers world-wide, from the largest Wholesale Operators to small Telcos, trust Oculeus to protect their
critical networks. 

The latest version combines

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Definable Dynamic Intelligent Elements
  • SIP Integration on Signaling Level

in a unique intelligent system which is able to operate autonomously and at high-speed without compromising end user usability and transparancy.

The following elements are part of the Anti-Fraud System (composition may vary)

  • Mediation and Rating
  • Traffic Profiling
  • AI-Framework including Machine-Learning
  • SIP-Signaling Interface
  • Switch Interfaces
  • SIP-Redirect Server
  • Management and Information Interface

Traffic Monitoring

As an added benefit, in addition to fighting fraud, the system can be used for traffic monitoring.


Oculeus Anti-Fraud System runs 100% on Linux. It does not require any separate database license and its interfaces are 100% web based. 


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