Oculeus RVM

The Retail Voice Management (RVM) Solution

Oculeus RVM is a system which comes with everything required to enable Service Providers and Telco's to run and offer state of the art voice telephony. 

The system consists of all elements necessary from an End-Customer Homepage to a full Interconnect Management System allowing to run voice telephony smart and efficient.

Key Elements

  • Real-Time Telephony Communication Unit
  • End-Customer Management and Billing
  • End-Customer Homepage
  • Real-Time Billing Customer related
  • Real-Time Fraud Fraud-Protection
  • SBC/Media Gateway
  • Interconnect Management and Billing System

Real-Time Telephony Communication Unit

The real-time Telephony Communication Unit is the core of the system and enables optimal management of all aspects of modern customer centric voice telephony. The unit connects all customer devices via the SBCs/Media Gateway with the Telephony Network and allows with it integrated systems processing of data in real-time enabling comprehensive customer centric voice-telephony management, reporting and billing fraud protected. 

End-Customer Management and Billing

The system integrates via APIs with existing systems like an external CRM and/or an existing Billing and allows specificially to handle requirements like customer rate-plans, numbers, devices and billing via its central Management System.    

End-Customer Homepage

Another central element is the End-Customer Homepage. This page comes with all information customers might want to see with regard to their telephony acoount.

The page enables customers to review

  • in real-time their billed calls/call attempts in and out
  • in real-time fraud warnings
  • the rate-plan valid
  • invoices

and it allows to manage the registration of their own SIP-IP devices, apps, pbxs etc.

Real-Time Billing

As the system operates with elements allowing real-time interaction we integrated a Real-Time Billing. This allows the system to collect and evaluate all calls against the customer rate-plans and provides the results for instant review in the End-Customer Homepages and the Central Management System. Customers and Service-Provider will see the same information at the same time allowing optimal customer service. 

Real-Time Fraud Protection

The fraud protection will be covered by Oculeus-Protect which is able to decide within 10-100 milliseconds on calls whether they are fraudulent and require to be stopped or not.  With its special focus on SIP Account and End-Customer protection and its architecture based on Artificial Inteligence combined with Machine Learning Oculeus-Protect contributes to the Oculeus-RVM the protection required to ensure sound and safe telephony services.

SBC / Media Gateway

The system has been developed and it can be provided in conjuction with the "Free Switch" open source SIP-SBC/Media Gateway or it can be integrated with any existing SBC / Media Gateway which is 100% SIP compatible. The configuration and management of the routing will be handled by Captura NG, the integrated Inteconnect Management System.

Interconnect Management System

Captura NG, a slightly downsized version of it, is part of Oculeus RVM allowing optimal handling of all interconnect aspects related to the connected Telco Operators including optimal pricing, routing management and interconnect invoice verification based on the Interconnect Billing which is part of Captura NG.


The system comes with APIs and interfaces allowing to integrate it with existing systems and processes. All parts of the system run on Linux and as such require Linux servers only. The system does not require any separate database license. Existing Class V SBC/Media Gateways can be integrated but they have to be 100% SIP compatible. Otherwise we recommend to go for the open source SBC/Media Gateway, named "Free-Switch" which can be provided with the system.


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