Network Quality Analysis System

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Network Quality Analysis

The Network Quality Analysis System is a highly automated fast and versatile System focussing on prediction based monitoring and alerting of:

  • Quality
  • Volume
  • Commercial

aspects of traffic. It is the perfect system to understand what is normal and what is not, allowing to respond immediately.

Key Features

Profiling and Prediction

Network Quality Analysis evaluates all CDRs of the switches within the network in near real time and builds on the basis of statistical methods a profile of expected traffic behavior for every 5, 10 or 15 minutes of a 30 day period.

The following graph illustrates this profiling.


  • Green Line presents the predicted behaviour
  • Red Line presents the current behaviour
  • Blue Lines present the alerting envelope


The system defines the alerting envelope (blue lines) automatically. Therefore a manual setup of alerting thresholds is not required. Every time CDRs get loaded and evaluated the green traffic prediction line and the the two blue alerting envelope lines get adjusted automatically. Alerts will be raised and sent to defined users whenever the current traffic (red line) breaches the alerting envelope (blue lines ) for 2 periods in a row.


In addtion to the alerting abilities the system provides numeros reports allowing to review quality, volume and commercial behaviour down to single CDR level if required.


The user interface is very intuitive and 100% web based. 

System Requirements

The Network-Quality Analysis System runs on Linux systems/servers. The system does not require any additional cost intensive 3rd party database license and it runs 100% on Linux servers. Size and scale of the required hardware depends on the traffic volume and commercial setup.


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