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Oculeus Dispute Analysis

Oculeus Dispute Analysis System allows Telecom Operators to quickly identify the reasons for interconnet invoice disputes.

The system provides an easy to use interface which allows the loading of the Operator's own invoice CDRs against the invoice  CDRs of the disputed/disputing Carrier and immediately identifies which parts of the invoice are correct and which not.

The System checks for:

  • Time shift problems
  • Missing calls
  • Unique - frozen calls
  • Unmatched calls
  • Rate issues
  • Long Duration Calls

and provides extensive reports which can be exported and exchanged.


The usage of the system is very intuitive and due to the very small technical footprint required it is possible to install the system on any Windows system.

System Requirements

The Dispute System runs on Windows. It does not require any additional cost intensive 3rd party database license. The system can be provided to run in-house or hosted. Size and scale of the required hardware depends on the commercial setup.


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