Roaming BI

Oculeus Systems/Roaming BI

The Roaming BI system is a business intelligence system which allows users to efficiently manage and handle  roaming with mobile operators and mobile operator groups. Based on business models typical of the industry and on traffic information drawn from TAP and CDR files,  the system allows users to efficiently:

  • Manage roaming agreements with operator and operator groups
  • Predict roaming traffic behaviour
  • Monitor roaming traffic and roaming agreements
  • Adjust roaming steering in order to meet roaming agreement requirements
  • Perform budgetary planning based on roaming

Management of Roaming Agreements

Roaming agreements are contracts which affect the company's profitability on international telecommunication of voice, data and text messaging. Due to the fact that these contracts run over several years and that they can be set up both with operators and operator groups, each participating party has an  interest to define them as accurately as possible, in order to guarantee profitability. Therefore the system provides:

  • Extensive wizard based dialogues in order to define agreement parameters for Voice, Data and SMS
  • Predictions based on historical data and simulations to identify shortfalls during agreement definition and negotiation
  • Monitoring and alerting of agreement fulfilment during the agreement runtime
  • Ability to handle agreements with operators and operator groups regardless of size

Prediction of Roaming Traffic

Roaming agreements run over long periods (1-2 years) and the profitability of these agreements must be  known in advance, before settlement can be reached. Therefore, it is necessary to have a clear understanding  and idea of the predicted traffic used and the commercial environment in which the agreement will run, in order  to achieve the best agreements possible, thus allowing the optimization of own profits.  Therefore Oculeus Roaming BI system provides:

  • All means necessary to build up and maintain a historical traffic database
  • A comprehensive simulation which can mirror the telecom environment worldwide

Monitoring Roaming Traffic

The nature of roaming revenue and roaming cost have a high impact on  profitability and it is possible to lose money very quickly if assumptions made  on roaming agreements are not fulfilled or if they do not match real values during  agreement execution. Consequently, it is necessary to monitor roaming traffic very closely. Therefore the system provides:

  • A complete evaluation of roaming traffic either on provided summary data reports or on rating of provided TAP and CDR files
  • Extensive reporting features allowing users to compare real traffic with existing forecasts and predictions
  • An alerting system which quickly points towards benchmarks achieved and / or anomalies identified
  • All tools necessary to equip users for discount and follow up negotiations, where necessary

Budget Planning

Roaming revenue and cost can be, or in many cases are, a major part of mobile operators’ financial planning.  So it is necessary to have a clear understanding of these figures and to provide budget forecasts as part of the financial planning. Therefore Roaming BI provides the ability to generate financial forecasts based on defined agreements,  traffic data and predictions derived from comprehensive simulations. These forecasts can then be used for company budgetary planning.