Captura and a switch is all what is required to run telecom interconnect business successfully. The Captura system is a highly scalable OSS/BSS for telecom operators and it enables teams between 1 to 150+ man to manage their interconnect traffic and business at volumes between 0 and more than 1,5 billion plus minutes per month.


Captura was developed during the last 15 year and it covers all what is required to successfully manage interconnect/wholesale voice business. 

The system is 

  • 100% A-Number/Origin based enabled
  • Highly automated 
  • Covers all Tier3 to Tier1 requirements
  • Very intuitive to use


Features and functionality, business logic, intuitivity and easyness to use are core aspects. Since its start in 2004 we have seen with every operator using Captura significant increases in efficiency and traffic volumes. Many of the operators using Captura run the system together with just a switch and nothing else and plenty of these are amongst the best, most acknowledged and reliable operators in their markets. 

System Requirements

Captura Voice runs on Windows and Linux systems and servers. It does not require any additional cost intensive 3rd party database license. The system can be provided to run in-house or hosted. Size and scale of the required hardware depends on the traffic volume and commercial setup Captura is meant to handle.


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