Captura SMS

Oculeus Systems/Captura SMS

Captura SMS is an OSS/BSS system to manage SMS traffic on interconnect wholesale and/or on interconnect enterprise level. Where interconnect wholesale focuses on the telecom operator to telecom operator business, interconnect enterprise focuses on setup and provision of SMS services to non telecom enterprises/companies.

The system supports to:

  • Import and process Suppliers' SMS-Rates MCC-MNC or Dial-Code based
  • Actively manage the SMS-Routing of the associated SMSC or SMS Gateways based on commercial and quality reports
  • Define SMS-Delivery pricing on interconnect and on enterprise level
  • Invoice and Reconcile on interconnect and on enterprise level.

The following picture provides a high level overview about the workflow and the system modules

Key Features



Features and functionality, business logic, intuitivity and easyness to use are core aspects of Captura Voice and Captura SMS.

System Requirements

Captura SMS runs on regular Windows systems and servers. It does not require any additional cost intensive 3rd party database license. The system can be provided to run in-house or hosted. Size and scale of the required hardware depends on the traffic volume and commercial setup Captura SMS is meant to handle.