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A-Number / Origin-based Pricing

A-Number / Origin-based pricing and charging is one of the biggest challenges in Interconnect Wholesale today as it fundamentally changes the destination pricing paradigm. Where before it had been the targeting destination only with A-Number. Origin based charging it is now required to look at the originating and the targeting destination in order to understand the correct price.

This pricing concept had been introduced in order to not lose all profits in situations like in the EU where from mid June 2017 onwards cross border calls within the EU get regulated down to local/national rates (yellow arrows) compared to international fees (red arrows) for calls coming from outside to the EU.

However the downside of this concept is that it does increase the complexity of international wholesale pricing dramatically. Where before it had been thousands of options to determine the correct price it can run easily into millions of options for the effected destinations now.

Captura and A-Number / Origin based Pricing Integration

Captura is 100% enabled to cope with A-Number / Origin based pricing. The feature had been introduced to the Captura system in September 2013 first. Since then the feature had been constantly enhanced and evolved to full usability within all areas and modules of Captura and since December 2015 it is in successfull daily use by our customers.


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