Captura Voice - Import Robot

Supplier Price List Import

The evaluation of Supplier Price Lists is one of the most time consuming jobs within telecom interconnect business and one thing all price lists have in common is the fact that each price list differs in structure and content from operator to operator and sometimes even from price list to price list sent.

Normaly systems like Captura cover this situation with a more or less flexibel import module which allows users to configure import schemes and import the data from Excel sheets .

The Import Robot is a module which acts similar to an user and brings the supplier price list import to the next level. This subsystem does collect the price lists from e-mail, opens the files containing the price information and reads the document like a user. Without predefined format and user interference the robot identifies and understands what the document contains and imports the price information automatically. All import steps will be protocolled and once an import is done the result will be queued for user acceptance.