Captura Voice - Bilateral Management

Oculeus Systems /Captura Voice/Bilateral Management

These days management of bilateral agreements is integral part of every level of Interconnect / Wholesale business and Captura has one of the most sophisticated integrations of these in Inteconnect / Wholesale management solutions.

With Captura it is possible to:

  • Manage all types of bilateral agreements and commitments
  • Define and tweak NetCost calculation schemes
  • Run bilateral agreements against simulations predicting the commercial result
  • Monitor the progress and fulfillment of bilateral agreements
  • Get alerted on states of fulfillment
  • Have a reporting including bilateral contract related values, A-Z values and their relation as the system consists of two rating engines. One for the regular rating and a second one for bilateral rating which considers the volumes achieved to adopt the appropriate contractual rates
  • Define the fulfillment criteria for routing management
  • Do bilateral invoicing and reconciliation with the billing module

All these features and their integration with other modules of Captura provide all what is necessary to run and manage bilateral agreements successfully.