Oculeus Anti Fraud System

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Fraud Detection

Detection Engine

The fraud detection engine is an extremely fast and versatile module which permits to monitor traffic and detect fraud based on freely definable parameters.

This allows to identify all sorts of fraud like:

  • PBX hacking
  • Sim Boxing
  • Refiling (A number) manipulation
  • International Revenue Share
  • Wangiri
  • FAS

and others.

Detection Scenarios

In the Anti-Fraud System detection scenarios define what has to be searched for and can look like the following:

Search and alert on calls with:

  • Duration - at least 6 minutes long
  • Frequency - 3 times within an hour
  • Value - minimum of 20 cents/minute
  • Destination - defined set of A and/or B numbers

The system permits easy management and setup of these.

Alerting and further Action

Once fraud has been identified alerts and further action will be executed by the system according to what had been defined in order to permit fast and efficient blocking of fraud via the Anti-Fraud System Blocking Module.